Photography © Jack Marty


Ask Why

I think,
just maybe,
the world is coming to an end.

We stopped listening to each other
so God sent fire
and burned Australia to the ground.

He sent a plague
and killed
hundreds of thousands of people
around the world.

White protesters stormed state capitals
waving machine guns,
and we all wondered
how things could get worse.

Then an evil man
George Floyd.
Now America is burning,
and still no one is listening to the voices
pleading to be heard.


Jaime Nelson resides in Paris, Arizona with her teenage daughter and distinguished mother. She has one cat, two dogs, a lot of yarn, and a small library. Jaime enjoys watching Netflix and pondering the joys of life.

Jack Marty takes photos when he feels like it. He thinks long bios get in the way of the work.