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A Twist of JP Lime: A Peak Inside an Emcee’s Notebook


A Peak inside an emcee's notebookGreetings, Lime Nation!

Oh the Summer of music it has been! As suits my soul, it is the season of live music and I’ve gotten to see Phish, Billy Joel, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Playing Dead, and a few others over the past couple months. In addition to dancing in these aisles, I’ve also been hard at work on new JP Lime music for your eager ears. In the previous editions of A Peak Inside an Emcee’s Notebook, I’ve already shared lyric selections from ‘Professa Strange Vol 1Phish, Billy Joel, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Playing Dead’ which is nearly complete and will be making its way to you very soon. I’ve also been working on another musical side project with my friend D+ (aka Dave, to ye mere mortals). D+ is the bass player for a band called A Night on the Sun and a few months ago he reached out about potentially collaborating. He’s played in several groups, though never anything related to Hip Hop, and was eager to try something new. He messenged me rough recordings of a few basslines and I began writing. We had several jam sessions and in between Dave taught himself to compose drum beats on Garage Band. It is certainly an odd dynamic – two people, one live instrument – but I really like the flavor of it.

In an exciting development, we’ll be hitting the studio this Sunday to record our first EP. As a special preview, today we’ll be taking a look inside my notebook at some of the lyrics I’ll be laying down.

We turn first to a song called “The Underground”, a smoky track about the thundering rhythm that bubbles just below our everyday life.

The Underground, verse 1

There’s word in the street
There’s birds in the sea
That sing a simple song
That speaks to me
Of a time and place that may never be
Or may never have been, it’s hard to see
Hard to say
As the sentences decay
Tales past along
Like shadows on the wave of the cave
A marker on a grave
An etching on a stone
Yeah, Stories of the bones
And where they lay

Where the skeletons are buried
There are signs that say
10 There are certain messages that never fade away
‘Neath the sands of time
And the dunes of May

12 [:54] That spring to life from the dust and clay
From the rust and the must
The rubble and the rake
A rhythm coming up
Like a ripple in a lake
rising with a purpose
it bubbles and it breaks
It buzzes and [reverses]
Rips through the wake
Peak below the surface
Where it really lays
Underneath the dirt there’s [a brand new day]
16 So grab a shovel and a spade
Can you dig it?

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