Eyedea & Abilities

Image by Enrico Fuente via Flickr

Here I am in the cold, smoking a cigarette.  And I find out that Eyedea has passed on.

I guess

another fallen star

falls down to earth

sleeping in the sound

of the record

it sounds like

pain in a glass, drunk

and I am writing this

word after word.

I get it now

I never noticed it but it exists

the surrealism of listening to

the words

that should have been heard, but weren’t

I never really ever heard of anyone talking about Eyedea before

I heard him off of Atmosphere’s Headshots, and was like damn…thats some good hiphop. So then I picked up E and A. And I was like damn, thats some real good hip-hop…Then I heard By The Throat. It seemed different. It wasn’t as easy to get into…it seemed dark, less scratching. I still remember the first line off the first track…it was something like “I ain’t shit, I’m champagne, lets all go home kill ourselves and our radio…and I was like damn….that aint like E and A.  I put it on the shelf, Now I listen to it, and its like damn, I feel like this…and listening to it right now, while trying to write about it…it’s surreal. I’m listening to a cat that had a gift…and I missed it..I missed his whole life.   But now hearing each track, its hitting me more and more…Eyedea’s By the Throat is amazing. It sings with positivity, and also real truth and sadness. His words are really quite inspiring and depressing at the same time…The verse….sad, cause not alot of people heard of Eyedea…atleast the people I know. I really urge you to check out how brilliant this album is.

and now it rests, and I sit here with my headphones on

listening to each word of a sad yet brilliant MC. When I heard E and A, the first time I thought that Eyedea had a sick sound…check out the first track REINTRODUCING….damn..it’s sick, starts off with E. A. E. A, and then he just goes off….I love the first line….”Damn you thought our second album wouldn’t be live….then abilities scratches  Eyedea rapping  SURPRISE. Damn, check it out…its awesome.

I guess some gifts are curses. Any MC, poet, writer, artist, has a gift, but it comes with pain, yet alot of pereverence, and honestly, you might write alot of poems, and never be heard.  But being a MC, you leave your mark…thats what Eyedea did…he left his mark…and now I understand it. I get it now. And now that I get these words…. There are no more words.

Some of you might have no idea who I am talking about….Here is a song of Eyedea’s off of By the Throat.

As Editor of Oddball Magazine and behalf of all the Oddball family,  I just want to give my sincere condolences to Eyedea’s, friends, fans  and the Rhymesayers family…

“I can only build if I tear the walls down Even if it breaks me i won’t let it make me frown, Im falling but no matter how hard I hit the ground….I’ll still smile”


Rest in Peace