Poem by Jarrod Lacy


Little Firsts

Our yawns and cries cracked the superiority
of personal silence.
We had arrived and made contact with flesh
deeper and more ubiquitous than ours.
There was warmth on all sides and light about us
was both caring and uncaring.
It was one of those initial surprises.
For many of us, there will be no recollection
of the deliverer’s assigned abuse, that tap that
activated all battery lungs with its power
thrown past our tongues.
A blanket, liquid set at room temp, and a
their-their mentality has been the curative
for that.
We are shirtless and pantless, defined freedom
and wet, to be chiseled by dryness marking
our entrance.


Jarrod Lacy is a strawberry ice cream loving late-bloomer and Gen Xer who deems himself a simple explanatory poet of various subjects, for all intent and purposes, and basically just walked through the door toward sharing his writs with the world. Alabama-born, his poetry-writing galvanized in the 1990s, long after being inspired by a Christmas poem that his junior year English teacher performed in high school. Later, he managed to have some of his own pieces published in anthologies and online publications such as Out Loud HSV: A Year in Review, (2016-18) IMPACT Magazine, Priestess & Hierophant, where he is currently nominated for Best New Poet, and most recently published at ArtHut.com. He is currently developing ideas for his first book of poetry, acting on his eighth attempt to write at least one poem a day, and hopes to complete his first novel.

Gunjan Bhardwaj is a 22 year old computer engineering from india who enjoys painting and sketching.


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