Illustration © George Panagooulos


Pantin Russe

Right now while my wife is somewhere
and the daughter and in-law
are hiding
and the sun’s a big red button
I can just press
over and over,––
if in my oval office
I just start kissing them
a sexy magnet
celebrity crown on my head
and screaming to the wiretaps:
“Grab them by the pussy!
I can do anything now,
I always could!”
If they all still admire my drive,
my staff versus my staff,
my go-get-‘em tiny hands,––

Who’s gonna say I’m not
the very stable genius in my White House?


Chad Parenteau thanks Bret Kerr for providing him with the idea and Lucie Monroe for helping him with the title to this piece.

George Panagopoulos is an Artist, Writer, and Comedian from Worcester, MA.