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Doug Holder’s Furnished Room-Newbury St-Boston: 1978

Courtesy of Shabunawaz Photography © 2010

By: Doug Holder

The raw, coiled

red glare

of the hot plate–

the urine stain

of a sink

and the waft
of Red Sauce

from Davio’s below–

The head
a short, anxious scamper

Courtesy of Shabunawaz Photography © 2010

down the hall,
the hacking cough

of the retired civil servant

Courtesy of Shabunawaz Photography © 2010

through a thin wall.

And the spinster

who peers from

the crack in her door

gathers her pennies
and courage

for her big trip

to the corner store,

the wooden ladder that

ascended to a tar roof

the sweet /sorrow scent of city, rain and sea…

and my youth…


15 thoughts on “Doug Holder’s Furnished Room-Newbury St-Boston: 1978

  1. Looks great and thanks!!

    1. No problem. Thank you for being a part of Oddball Magazine.


    2. Hi Doug, I was and still am in the office on the first floor, A & S Realty. Stop by sometime and say hello.

      1. Hey Joel just saw your message now– Teaching writing at Endicott College and Bunker Hill– 271 Newbury was my Chelsea Hotel–fill of artists, mad men, students, has beens and wanna-bes–hope you are doing well my email is we should have a poetry reading there –a good PR move 271 Newbury St the theme?

  2. Doug,,
    Smart already then!
    Great poem.


  3. How well I know those Back Bay rooms…. Nice movement to this poem. Back Bay rooftops….

  4. DOUG well done. Come see us in Brockton some time

  5. I never imagine a room like that on the hip and swank Newbury St. You gave us a piece of history! Thanks

    1. Thanks!

  6. great picture, nice poem

  7. Great poem, Doug. I had a room for a couple of years
    back in the 70s on Marlboro Street near there.
    Now that I remember it, there was poetry in that place, too.

    1. Thanks nice running in to you today…

  8. Nice poem, Doug. It summons images from my youth in Ann Arbor — especially
    the glowing hot plate. . .

  9. All pictures are very nice by your hard work and also very nice poem. carry on until you can!

  10. Yeah the imagery in the poem is great!

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