Jagged Thought #259: My Shoes, Not Yours


You want to throw dirt on this face?
I am the dirtiest.
The worst, maybe the worst at this.
Didn’t know I needed to still do this shit.
But I guess I do.

I have been talked down to for the longest time.
I have been last in line about nine times,
Been embarrassed in everything but my rhymes.
Been talked about, had shit thrown on my shoes.
Been called obtuse, loose, confused, and my ego,
Yeah, it’s been bruised.

A medicinal animal I am, been trying to be the man
As long as I can stand.
Been persevering longer then you think you know I can.
Have been shot down, thrown down, tossed down the bleachers,
Have had people talk shit about me from the way I look, from my hat to my sneakers,
So I am used to it.

You applaud me for being me, but then you talk down to me?
That’s as backwards as calling gravity a fallacy.
That’s something new to me.
Believe me I have had my trials, my tribulations,
I have had my feet on the pavement as long as I could face it.

But keep on thinking, I am deaf and blind.
Keep on thinking I can’t deal with my own life.
Keep thinking what you want to think.
I have been a misfit for a long time.
A long time.

I have been an enemy of me
much longer than you have been an enemy of me
so please don’t try and diagnose me.

You don’t know what I have been through.
My shoes. My road.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.


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