Jagged Thought #258: Be


here we go.
The misunderstood miscreant,
Sycophant with a bass drum, transplant.
From a medicine man, and a bucktoothed tramp
Came out the window, and awaited the avalanche.
And just like that I can perpetuate, distant memories
Bring a person to the party, doesn’t mean that its free.
I listened to the heartbeat, it never phased me, but maybe
Suddenly, my heart skips a beat, underneath the palm tree
I do everything I do, to the sound of the steel drum, and the
Piano keys. Bass beats. Never defeated, always breathing, an
Appetite for despair, hungry for more, and out of air, I can’t
Even, if I was a normal human being, I couldn’t stand this feeling

Banging on the drums, and the mind wants something, but
Numb as I am, I can never find the warm gun, singing songs I
Come undone, and in a minute, J am finished, leaving my god
As my only witness, this rhythm jungle gym, one with venom,
I can do better than the best man, a gentleman with an oil can
Give me a brain, and I’ll rewire the engine, dancing in Oz, Don
Giovanni, I write and you can’t stop me, why would you wanna
The premadonna, and Belladonna both wanna, submarine me
It’s not everything I ever wanted it to be, being unsure, I can’t
Take much more of this steady, dance hall beat, can you do
What I do, but confidently? I can sing a song, and hold a
Tune, Bark at the moon, Ozzy, Devil damn near killed
Me. But I can do much, I can do great things. Just
Have to learn to let it be, can I learn to let it


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.


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