Jagged Thought #253: The Devil and the Angel Face, Part III


(Part One, Part Two)

Organ Grinder

So where did we leave off in Chapter 2, I don’t remember do you?

So we have two people Jack and Dianne,
One is a singer the other is a fan.
Both went to a hotel
And one was never seen again.

So back to the story.

So Jack’s back story first and then hers:

Jack was born in Michigan,
Grew up playing guitar in a punk band.
He had two brothers, one who played the bass
The other played cards, gambled hard, lost it all.
And Jack kept playing guitar, at dive bars.
Till one day, he was playing out on another beer soaked stage
And there was someone out there listening to what he said.
And they went up to him, and said I will make you a star.
Little did he know that it would go to his head.
And Jack would meet Dianne one day,

And one of them would end up dead.

Part Four, Dianne’s story next week in Oddball Magazine.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.


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