Jagged Thought #250: The Devil and the Angel Face


Here is a little story I have to tell.

It starts in heaven ends up in hell.
It’s a lover’s feud in an old hotel.
Lost in gunshots, one dead, one in jail.

This is the story of Jack and Dianne.
They were stars in Vaudeville.
Both took pills, in medicine cabinets.
And when they would get high
They would fuck like rabbits.

And Jack was an entertainer. And Dianne was his muse.
Jack played guitar, Dianne sang the blues.
And one day they met, at the Old Farmer’s Diner.
Jack took a look at Dianne, and he had to have her.
He recognized her, she was the autograph buyer.
He remembered, putting his signature, under his picture.
To her. But he was drunk, that’s all he could remember.

He asked her out for a cup of coffee.
Before he would leave on to the next city.
She said I can’t get coffee, so he said o.k come with me.
And she said o.k, and they got on Rte 50 and left the city.

They drove all night, to find a hotel.
But none of them were open.
All the vagrants left the vacancys closed.
And when they found one.
They said they would stay the night.

But both would never leave the place.
One would see jail, the other God,
The Devil, and the Angel Face.

Part 2 next week at Oddball Magazine.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.


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