Jagged Thought #249: Food for the Moon


I just don’t have it in me today.
That’s a half truth.
I just have to persevere through.
I met with someone today
Who said that we could freeze light.
He told me we were food for the moon.
He said he read it in a book.
I wrote it down.
I am going to read this book.

I find people interesting.

I met with another person today.
He said that he wasn’t musically inclined.
I told him that if he thinks he can or he thinks he can’t, he’s right.
And he said “Henry Ford.”
And I said, “Correct.”
And we continued to drink our coffee from clay cups.

I want to write down words of love.
I know they will turn into longing.

Leonard Cohen wrote a book one about mercy, and one about longing.
And I need the former, for the latter is going to hurt like hell.
And I miss the lilacs, and they are still in season.
Maybe I am California Dreaming.

Wish I could reset, repair broken fences.
Feed starving stomachs.
Create characters the world loves.
Or you love.

Why is it in the fall, when the angels choose to leave?
Rest In Peace Stan Lee.

When the California sun burns a little brighter.
My dreams tend to betray me.
My eyes well up, and I could fall in.
I just want a new beginning.
A smooth ending.

A haircut.
A shave.
And for November to last forever.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.


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