Poem by Ryan “Rat” Travis


A Haunting Love Story

She was a thing in the bookcase,
I was a cannibal with a metal plate in his head.
It was love at first sight.
The frights we’ve shared;
15 Septobers –
Terrorizing normals: Fresh meat!
We’ve found homes in haunts
Our family extending –
Many haunts, one family
Braving the elements, creating our niche wherever we land.
Hail baby Cletus, Soup and Popcorn, SEVEN!
Improving our way to a scare – anything to make em laugh or scream
Through the years, through the tears – good times and bad
Our love grows deeper; we make a great team.
Partners, lovers, best friends
Whether we’re making someone pee or singing Tiffany at them
We take pride in each other’s accomplishments
Side by side or running solo
We’re great at what we do – our craft
Lucky to have found each other
Our perfect match
We don’t just scare them,
We fuck em up for life.


Ryan “Rat” Travis is a veteran of the Massachusetts open mic scene and has been published numerous times both in the U.S. and internationally. For the past 21 years, Rat has worked in the haunted attraction industry, beginning with Spooky World in Berlin Mand currently haunting with his wife at Fright Kingdom throughout October. An avid horror fan, Rat has produced a trilogy of horror movie related haiku entitled Haiku of Horror. Rat lives in Salem with his wife Holly and their black cat Midnight.

Mark Blickley is a widely published author of fiction, non-fiction, drama and poetry and a proud member of PEN American Center and the Dramatists Guild. This is a text based art collaboration with fine arts photographer

Amy Bassin.


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