Poem by Marc Meierkort


Cubist Woman

Round opposed cube / sound rube distantly outpaces distance mud / we stand in stanchions / gout to goiter / annoying yet around opposed cube / so says she cloistering adjacent / loiter we employ
her decoy potted & glued / tubes spewed more than blue / so says Gertrude Stein

Regarding Picasso: concerned art & looking (sorry) / seeing / seeing & art
& seeing impression exponential eye memory
what was seen / seeing what I sees
memory art / knows no in memoriam
& regarding movement color civil
consideration shape happening / no distinct / no abhorrent aplomb / seeking what run along
never looking & never finish this
Art this is
fat tunic cloak / blanket stare Queen / Language Queen Lover never ugly never / beautiful never touch

Songs choose playing, abuse humming thrumming seeing shoes as art does before ear sees what it sees Regarding Picasso: Nearly Stein: Roundness resembles bounded why look / back looking
back look ahead all we need remember / Memory shrouds itself Art / binding distance seen /
seeing sides only we / see only she sees Eye see tips / splinter strokes Moses parted less
brush / fire mountain bald / muddy water shimmering / staggering swagger /
painter no less / so says Gertrude Stein

Nearly Stein: Enraged Spain drowns hues
& beckon bloody reckoning beyond brush
cutting frame structure point of You get idea she / got drunk
& mad power / earnest cried knuckles dangle Spaniard repartee
slingo ringo Miss Stein-a-dingo
Bah! Art
& this haven unearthed heaven chiseld monolith beauty disgust seen / clothes enclose / Eye pant
she right


Marc Meierkort: “I am a life-long Chicago resident and currently teach English and Film Studies at Thornton Fractional North High School in Calumet City, IL, where I have taught for the past 19 years. I am a graduate of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (B.S.) and National-Louis University (M.A.T.) I currently live in the western suburbs of Chicago.”

Luis Lázaro Tijerina was born in Salina, Kansas. Mr. Tijerina has a Master of Art degree in history, concentration being military history and diplomacy. He is a published author of military theory, short stories, essays and poetry. Mr. Tijerina resides in Vermont.


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