Poem by Moinak Dutta


Love letter

‘ O I just love receiving love letters!’
Heard a girl giggling and saying this to her friend,
A beautiful morning of December,
The Esplanade looked like a colorful fair,
People going, stopping, talking, hurrying, not hurrying,
Cars honking, motorcycles whizzing ,
And in the midst of all
A girl claiming the most beautiful thing,
I thought of Mayuri,
She used to sit at the a -5 hall
Just before me,
I watched her on the sly,
And then oneday
After a lot of difficulty in garnering the slightest courage,
Wrote a song on a piece of handmade paper
And put it into a book of Ernest Hemmingway
And gave it to her;
A week later she returned the book,
The song was still there,
For the next months
I had not read that book
Of Hemmingway.


Poet Moinak Dutta has had poems and stories are published in national and international anthologies and magazines including The Statesman ( kolkata edition), World Peace Poetry, Setu, Pangolin Review, and Tuck Magazine. He has Also worked as an editor on Whispering Poeisis, a collection of poets from different parts of India and abroad, published in 2018 by Poeisis.

Photographer Steve Warren is a veteran, recovering addict and peer specialist who became a self taught Naturalpathic self healer. He changed his diet, started dancing, took to writing and performing poetry, and hasn’t stopped healing since.


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