Jagged Thought #234: This poem will be the best thing you ever hear, and my next poem will be even better…


Whoop, Whoopy de woop
Scoop, whoopy de woopyd scoop.
Whoop, whoopity scoop
Whoop de whoop whoop

If Kanye can do it why can’t I?
Nope, give it the College Dropout try.
Give it time when it is time for Graduation
And drop it like Pablo when its Late Registration.
How Sway?
You ain’t got the answers!
I’m gon’ let you finish, but Jason Wright is the best writer of all TIME!

Well 808’s and heartbreaks
Came and went,
And then Beautiful Twisted Fantasy
Summer of Ye, with Pusha T, Ye, and Kid Cudi
Nasty Nas,
Whats the one album called that’s the blank CD?
With Blood on the Leaves?
Is that one Yeezus?


You ain’t got the answers Sway.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.


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