Jagged Thought #229: Work


I put my head down, drive forward.
Look forward to the sunrise, drive toward it.
Wake up in the morning before the sun.
I have been putting in work since day one.

I wrote a million poems, but I need to do more.
Learn the defense, need to learn to wield the sword,
Want to do more, of course, there is room to grow
And I am going to do more, till there are no more seeds to sow.

I am writing lists, doing mirror work, putting in 50 plus a week.
Writing poems, putting pen to sheet, till counting sheep puts me asleep.
I am a winner, I won’t admit defeat.
And I won’t admit defeat even when they throw dirt on me.

I have ideas, and I can change the way you think, rewire the bars.
I am a poet, an artist, admired by bards from afar.
People might not like me, but they know I got this on lock.
And if they don’t, then they better ask somebody,
Cause I won’t stop, cause these thoughts don’t stop.

I write till I am done. Stop reading
right now…
Start again, if you want to,
You can stop at

But you are still here,
prisoner in my rhyme.
I let you out when I’m done,
one word to work toward.


And that’s just one.
I have more in mind.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.


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