Jagged Thought #223: Mr. Guru Man (Think Different)


Change your mind, change your life.
That’s what the guru man say.
I try to my man,
Things get in the way.

They say I am insane,
Social anxieties playing in my brain.
Outside forces
Combined with
Dread, gets in my head.

I try to stand up…
I stand as tall as I can.
Yes, the Guru man say
Meditate each day.
Let the bell ring,
Sit, and pray.

Sit, stay, roll over,
Dogma woof.
Trying to exist
when my mind wants me to lose.

But I listen to the guru man say
Be you, with positivity,
Closed heart, clenched fists.
That is not the way.

Get better.
Think different.
Love yourself.
Love resilience.

I do my best, Mr. Guru Man.
Trying to love the madman,
In my membrane.

Trying to.
I try, Mr. Guru Man.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.


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