Jagged Thought #217: Mental Mission


Mental mission
To be back, what’s missing?
Psych ward more like a prison.
If I could fit in, with peace within
Then I would be better then
The best at this rhythm thing.

Vraylar made me not write well
And I’m still learning how to re-spell
Spell check and use text.
But what’s worse than that
Is that it takes me a little longer
Then I used to.

Not as calm
Reading psalms
Wishing a frontal lobotomy would
Me safe from harm.

I got time tattooed on my arm
Along with the oddball.
And with God’s love I’ll
Make sense of it all.

I have fallen.
I’ll get back up again.
I know
I will with a little help from
The man upstairs
And a quality pen.

and from time to time
I think back
To a peaceful place
A world
Where I make sense
Without the shit I say.

Whatever would be the best
I’ll keep
On moving.


But it’s like I’m starting all over again
With the music and movement.
Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.


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