Jagged Thought #216: Vraylar



This is a medication
I am on.

It makes me not write well.

So if you see this
Let them know.

I once was smart.


Here I am at the hospital.
Talking well.
But still can’t write good
Hope they send me to McLean.
Want to write again.

I am trying to write again.
Just read book for a bit
About Awareness and I
Think that reading helped a bit.
Still probably going in
To change medication.
Still can’t rhyme well.
Maybe I can let me try.
Nope not yet.
Will be able to hopefully.


At least I can laugh ’cause I
Sound like Tarzan
In my head haha.

This is a medication

Medication so far
I would say bad.

Think not like me.

We’ll see.

Not a good poem.


I will keep writing poems
Till I can again.
Once had friends.
They are cool.
Love my friends.
Want to go to school.
Dude, is this really you?

Thinking asked if they had a peer
She said uh no.




Thought broadcasting
Cognitive Distortions
Thinking like out of rotation
Like my mind is not working
But I’m going to get by.

I am a writer.
It’s like my brain is broken.
This is sad.
But I am a strong person.

I can get through this.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.


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