Jagged Thought #207: We Wanted It All


We wanted it all
And what we got was

A rose on a stripper pole
A broken

A river flooded my friends
The other day.

Farmer In The Dell.

And my wife is going away on a plane
A Vonnegut sigh
So is the way.

And I just want to rock in my crib
With my bassinet
Bass on heavy
Counting checks
Listening to Das das diggety DasEFX
I just want to
Scream out loud
I got next!

Wish me away
I’m coming right back.
A flu in your poetic ear
A pie chart
A graph.

A systematic chart topper
A jumpin jack flash
A stash of hashish in my backpack

Don’t tell my dad. I’m glad.

Wink away the years past
With tear gas.
Wish away the drowsiness
Cold and flu season
To sneeze away the delirium seething.

Critic on his laptop
One star away from a mad cow
Things are mag brag now.

Things are mag brag now
Time to tune in and
Mal out.

The feed.
You listening?

Of course you are.
Feed me now.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.


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