Jagged Thought #194: Poem to Hide the Pain I Am Feeling


Today I went to a movie.
I had dinner.
I talked to my dad.
About God. About Family.

Today I went to work.
Watched a basketball game.
Talked on my phone.
Tried to reconnect with a friend.

Today I worked on my book.
One you might see some day.
Or maybe won’t.
Who knows.
I proofed another poem book
Sent it to its author.
Waiting for approval.

I heard Tom Petty died. I didn’t watch the news.
58 people killed in Las Vegas. Heard it on NPR.
Felger had a hot take on The Sports Hub.
My favorite football team lost.
My favorite baseball team lost.
My favorite basketball team won.

Half my family is in Florida.
Half my family is home.
And I am writing.
My wife is watching TV
A show about a doctor with autism.

I am wondering how bad the stereotype will be.

Today I went to a movie.
I finished dinner.
Took some tums.
I hung up on my dad.
My wife was on the other line.
She had some news as well.

About God. About family.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.


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