Poem by Martha Boss


Memorial Day Thinking

i will fry the chicken.
i will whip the cream.
i will bake a cake.
i will eat too much.
i will feel sick.
i’ll go to bed.
i’ll take some tums.
i might throw up.
i might twit.
i’ll keep in touch.
i won’t celebrate the dead.
i will be disagreeable.
i hate memorials.
i cant stand testimonials.
deliver me from ceremonials.
i will over-eat.
i don’t like remembering
Obama making himself look good
for saying something whatever
it was supposed to say about
a weapon America used to
radiate a people who then
passed it on to others
who are still passing it on.
i protest his not having
the moxie to apologize.
i would split my sides trying.
i detest grandiose bellicose
elected important impotent
i will maintain my politic
poetics quietly so they can
be heard.
please no more flags.
please no more uniforms.
please no more parades.
i will put too much whipped
cream on the cake.
if he sounds like one i will
call a commander-in-chief
a fake.
i will march.
& i am a big mouth.
i will blow a whistle.
i can look like
i believe in something
pretending it’s still great.
i can concentrate.
i can cook a chicken
& not feel guilty
it’s a little bird i ate.
it’s not my
personal best.
that belongs to my
native american
they discovered the west.
i’m not for hire.
i can act proud when
i’m nervous.
i still have arrows
in my quiver.
ready. aim.
working ideals fire.
it’s not too late.


Artwork © DJ Barry


Martha Boss has had work published in the Bagelbards anthology, Stone’s Throw and elsewhere. Her latest book is prayer: fix my set from Oddball Publishing.

DJ Barry is a self-taught artist that lives in Middlesex, Vermont. He uses a unique method involving photo editing software, stencils, and spray paint. He often infuses pop culture into his work. Oddities are his specialty.


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