Poem by Bekah Steimel


The Wilderness

What makes me smile
is typically frowned upon
but what expression matters most?
Would you fence the edges to keep me safe?
I prefer the view of hang gliding over your footprints
is the side-effect of truth
and you can smash every bottle, but you cannot detox passion
we are all existing in the wilderness
but I’ve made friends with the beasts
knowing they will eat me alive
until I am finally dead and useful
and then we can both smile.


“Belle” © Sally Deskins


Bekah Steimel is a poet aspiring to be a better poet. Her recent work has appeared in Section 8 Magazine, Crab Fat Magazine, and Yellow Chair Review. She lives in St. Louis, MO (USA). Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @BekahSteimel.

Sally Deskins is an artist and writer focusing on perspectives of women including her own. She’s been published internationally and exhibited nationally and has curated several exhibitions and books.


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