Jagged Thought #170: Ode to my iPhone


My arms they struggle to hold you
You with all my parts.
You with all my pieces.
You with all my thoughts
You with all my secrets.
You with my diagnosis
Me with my disease
You with all the cures
Me, only words.
You with all the knowledge
Me straight out of college
You multifaceted and sharp
Me. A dollop of Light and dark
You have the recipe
And you sit right next to me
Used like a text book
Charged like a cookbook
A lucid nook
A controlled blaze
A key Keeper
Me, a maze runner
Amazed at your curves
Your servants
the universe
Your circle a square
A dot on
The eye
In the eye of the storm
You….keep me safe and informed
Ode to my iPhone


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.


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