Jagged Thought #161: Boom (Tommy Gun, the G.O.A.T of Super Bowl LI)


am not one to write an ode:
But yo; the pats just won the Super Bowl.
It was freaking out of control.
Brady stepped up big time
And came back from 28-3
And I think I prayed for it
Or he’s just that good
But he made a believer out of me

With only seconds on the clock
While the world watched
Brady marched the Pats down the field
And made our hearts stop.

And if you are a New England fan
Then I celebrate with you
And if you are from Atlanta
Man your team played good too.

but Brady man G.O.A.T
Not a showboat
Just the GOAT.

Man, what a game.
The Super Bowl MVP got to go
To Tom Brady.

And my brother Jon had to eat a whole
Bowl of guacamole
Cause he said by quarter 3
That there was no chance
And that if the Pats won he would eat
The whole damn thing

I never lost faith I knew the GOAT
Would step up.
Touchdown Tom
You gotta give it up
To the New England Patriots and Tommy Gun
Who beat Matt Ryan and the Falcons
in Super Bowl 51



Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.


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