Poem by Lea Maughan



A bloody mary sunrise warned this sailor
with trees of celery, horseradish clouds,
tabasco, paler pallor Norman-Mailer-
where pickled blanched asparagus are drowned
whilst swimming in a cocktail for the mourning
after blues too black for naval clothes.
Will someone turn the silence up this morning
before last evening catches on and goes?

The Bon Voyage was clean, the yolks were broken
surrendered, dawn was quick to poach and run.
A sagging deck chair listened to my spoken
verse and even worse, it pulled a gun.
‘LAND HO’! I belted, interrupting murder,
diversion was the chance I’d waited for.
I folded up the lounger, bent its girders,
And ordered a fresh drink from on the floor.


“In Darkness” © Alisha White


Lea Maughan: I write. I camp. I laugh and cry, not necessarily in that order.

Alisha M. White, Ph.D. is an a/r/tist, teacher educator, and assistant professor at Western Illinois University. Her work revolves around disrupting constructions of ability, integrating arts into her research, and teaching future teachers the potential for using the arts in teaching English language arts.


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