The Last(ish) Word Presents: No Holds Barred


Illustration © George Panagooulos
Illustration © George Panagooulos


The media dropped every ball
by giving Trump coverage at all.
They said, let’s show Trump
give our ratings a bump.
And now our whole nation may fall.

Now Trump is at his last stand
still thinking we’re his to command,
but keeping petty
in burgs like Getty
might ensure the south won’t rise again.

Trmp says he’s the folk’s hero now
and Hillary and establishment cow
but when FBI
give GOP high fives
who’s the outsider maverick now?

It sticks right in Vince Mcmahon’s craw
that Trump vs. Hill’s such a draw.
He dreams of a stage
with the two in a cage
this evening on “Monday night Raw.”


Chad Parenteau is Associate Editor of Oddball Magazine.

George Panagopoulos is an Artist, Writer, and Comedian from Worcester, MA.


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