Poem by Nicole Surginer



Blackness rolled in with great fury

Screaming shadow across the sky

Rapaciously devouring heavens light

The earth tumultuously trembled

maliciously striving to tear apart

Feeding our mortally meager flesh

To the mouth of the ravenous abyss

Many fled frenzied through untrodden

Lands guided by drops of light

Glowing tears of sun solemnly shed

as she heeded her vanquish

Yet I stand with the remaining few

surrendering to imminent demise

For your energy remains here

Flowing through my frigid blood

In forever’s bonding concrete

From which we built our home

Your memory bleeds through

The flourishing moss of promise

warming all the deadened spaces

My heart defies fear as it refuses

to move on without it’s missing pieces

As even an ash of your breath lingers

love remains stronger than my will

for even death is sweeter than emptiness


"Simulacrum" © Carl Scharwath
“Simulacrum” © Carl Scharwath


Nicole Surginer, is a poet from the small town of Bastrop,Texas. She is inspired to write by her love for nature’s enchantment, a fascination with the power of raw, intense emotion and a desire to create beauty with words. She has been published in Tuck Magazine, Anti-Heroin Chic, Indiana Voice Journal, with pending publications with Sick Lit Magazine and the Contemporary Poet’s group anthology Dandelion in a vase of roses.

Carl Scharwath, has appeared globally with 80+ magazines selecting his poetry, short stories, essays or art photography. He won the National Poetry Contest award for Writers One Flight Up. His first poetry book is Journey To Become Forgotten (Kind of a Hurricane Press). Carl is a dedicated runner (“that’s where his art ideas spring from”).


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