Jagged Thought #136: Two Match Sticks Talking


See this is a scene
Where dreams take shape
and shifts like riots on T.V
Where one match speaks
And says….
“We are nothing but arms and legs
We are nothing but spikes and pegs
drugs and dreads
We are nothing but what we say we said
And what we did and do”
And the other match says:
We are nothing but a gang of green
We are nothing but in between
A flashing icon on a computer screen
We are everything, but the battery
We are empty.”
But both matches agree
the weatherman
says Tuesday will shine
on our
cancers, and stains
And both agree
that a wave of water will unite
leftover fathers
And microwave mothers
And then one says to the other:
“we are nothing and everything.
And the other match agrees and says
we are the kings and
queens of this fair city
We are matches.
Let’s burn this fucker down.”


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.


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