Jagged Thought #123: Whisper for Water


Well it’s Wednesday
may the 4th
Just another day
Yet for me I make
It bigger then it is
I blow it out of proportion
I think
I get distorted
I say I love
I lie
I keep on ignoring it.
Demons in my head
Playing ball with saints
Keeping me pressure
Driving the lane
I sit on a throne
And let the day out of me
And I wonder
Why I think about living
During the day
But dying nightly.
Feeling like I’m stuck in
And we are drowning
In the same lake
I put you through much pain
We stay awake
With belly aches
I am self centered and
And I haven’t seen you in
A nice dress
In a long time
But I regress
Now I can barely walk outside
With my
Mind raving lunacy
Wish I could calm down
And think
Of a way for you and me
To fix our broken lives
Or separately.
Please give me a sign
Don’t make me battle
My mind
No longer
Make our love stronger
Or I’ll be a goner
Maybe chill for a second
Wish I could
For a martyr
Of nothing over everything
I have to get stronger
Chill on the illness
And whisper for more water
And surf this ocean mind
And wait for soothing laughter
A kiss from a princess
That will wake this old frog
And make me something
I want to be
Heaven it’s been too long
And maybe I am wrong for you
And we were cursed from the
Maybe I can make it better for you
If we both rewrite our endings
Find a door and walk through it
Try and find the 5 senses
And soothe the separation anxiety
And stop leaving questions
Open ended.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.


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