Jagged Thought #112: Now That I Have The Teacher of Poetry and The Student of Poetry Inked in Chains


I have been meditating a lot.
I enjoy it.
I am opening my chakras.
I am breathing a lot better.
I am sitting down.
Writing with a dead line.
This is not the way poetry
Should be.

I should control the beat of my poetry,
Like the leash of a dog.
I should tell him when to sit up
And bark “Alliteration!
And bark “Academic!”
And bark “Meter”
And bark “Publish me! Publish me!”

Gimme, Gimme, I want I want,
I need I need, I am doing the baby-steps.

Poetry has been my diving board,
I have swam through a lot of sharks to get here.
I have dived down to the belly and
I have slashed the throat of academia.
I have ripped the guts out of the pristine.

I have wrote the letter to the world
I have.
I hate it. I hate that book.
I read your letter.
Ripped it up.
Fed it to my dog.

I wish I could say that he didn’t
enjoy it.

He shit out your Pushcart.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.


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