A Twist of JP Lime: The Oddball Show Featuring L.U.C.C.I.


The Oddball Show @ www.JPLimeProductions.comThe Oddball Show is back!

Revamped and revised we return with special guest Glenn Lucci Furman, Boston artist and poet and generally Zen individual, for a conversation on the topic of cyber-bullying and his group Art Without Ego. We enjoyed performances of two of his poems, talked about his work as an extra on Ghostbusters 3, and found out that Bruce Lee and Maya Angelou are two of his favorite people via our brand new List of Ten segment (while Jason’s favorite is Leonard Cohen). It’s all here on the Oddball Show, so PRESS PLAY below and extend your artistic pleasure with more information in our pertinent links section. Thanks for listening, and Lime On.


Pertinent Links:

Lucci’s group, Art Without Ego, including artists African Man Born, and JP Loves It

Anna Myer and Dancers

JP Lime’s Rap Flashback archives

Chad Parenteau’s Stone Soup Croutons

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