Jagged Thoughts #106: Reality Concepts


Reality concept 1: Love

We live.
We die.
We pay bills.

We love: Someone from a far or someone sleeping next to you. Some people share the same spirit and love dogs. Some protect you like moms. That unconditional love more then life itself love – That die for you love. Sing a song about you, you are my muse love. That’s the best love.

Reality Concept 2: Hate

We live.
We die.
We pay bills.

We hate:
Paying bills.
We hate traffic.
We hate arguing.
We hate atrocity
We hate discord.
Some of us hate people.
Some of us hate ourselves.
Some of us hate that we hate.

Reality concepts 3: Addiction

We live.
We die.
We pay bills.
We are addicted:

Our lives run on drugs.
We rely on stimulants: chemicals, medications
recreational self medicating or celebrating.
Our lives run on drugs.
Sometimes drugs
run us-
right into the
fucking ground.

Reality concepts 4: Music

We live for music.
We die for music.
We love music.
We hate music.
We create music.
Music is water and air
for the soul.

Reality concept 5: Sex

We live.
We die.
We pay bills.
We enjoy sex.

We need sex.
We need release.
We need that connection.
We need that love.
We need that passion.
We need sex.

Like shelter, when we are sick… Sex helps. Good sex really helps. Cures what ails you.

Reality concept 6: Death

We live.
We die.
We pay bills.

We die.

Everyone does.
Everything does.
Like Jim Morrison says
“When the music is over turn out the light.”

It’s the great equalizer.

Reality Conclusion: Live

We all die.
So listen to as much music as possible.
Fuck as much as possible.
Love as much as possible.
And live as much as possible.

Because when the musics over
The lights go out.

And we can only hope for an encore.

These are concepts
There are a thousand more.

Conceptual Reality.
The unconscious of consciousness.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.


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