Jagged Thought #101: Wandering Graffiti


Dedicated to Blu Kollar

Well here I am writing rhymes, playing with sounds
The sonnets are playing games.
Listening to Lorde
I wish I stood for something
Drunken beer nights, playing with the solvents
Drinking wishing I was something
Better then I am,
Wish I was the man,
But programmed to stand, something I can’t

Never been the one to talk to the wind.
Realized I could see from the beginning
That there was an extraterrestrial sitting
Making something talk.

Wishes, are worth as much as the wish list
You wish for the best, I know I get the worst
I wish for forgiveness.

I want to be the time to sit down and relax.
Find beauty in my world that I react to.
Have to take my pill,
Cause I know I can’t stand.

Wandering graffiti, in the back yard
Junk dogs sit in the stanzas
What could I see in my drunken antics

My friend found, in crashed cars, witness
The being of regret and indifference
Troubled minds, passing as citizens
We are all worse for the wear.

I am not the ugliness, you see
Shaved head for charity
I try to be good,
But I don’t think you see,
What it is to be me,

Running with tragedy.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.


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