Jagged Thought #93: I Feel Alone


I feel alone.
I am not alone.
I am alone together
Apart I am drained
And alone I am smiling
My mind is an island
And it is lonely.
The world you live on
Never worked for me
The world of brutality
Savages and ants burning
While trying to magnify
Start at an early age
They remind you that
The small minded are not
Surviving on this island
The lame smile
and the crooked eye
Is not winning first prize
In no beauty
Honestly no one
Told you
You were beautiful
And no one
Told me that I could win
Except the coaches in the
Baseball diamonds
Where seniors threw pitches
They called me a winna
The kids chanted it
But it was not anything I ever planned
To be a constant loser
To deal with issues at a bar stool
That happened 17 years ago in high school
And no one knew
I was brand new to the divorce game
I was unprepared
Know I am grown
With a wife of my own
And I feel
And confused
All the things I became
I am used to.
But no one calls me ugly anymore
I miss ugly the most
Because ugly
God loves
So says the book of Slug


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.


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