Jagged Thoughts #37: Why Fight Like Stars?


We have to fight like stars.
Or do we?
I wonder if we have to.

I have decided to look at the stars twice a night
Maybe three times, maybe more
I might just try and stare longer
You should try it.
Stare one hour into the night sky.

I want to think like the sun setting, and the stars rising.
And I wonder why not let them watch my sun set, and highlight my missteps
And they can watch me, fight
to be noticed

Think about it,
Each star is travelling miles to shine into your life
And a star lives a volatile life
and a violent death
exploding to become for you.

That fucking star has thrown itself from galaxy to galaxy
to appear in your hazy field of vision
It has traveled years and years,
for your momentary happiness.
Just trying to light the city and the suburbs
over the skyless ocean side.
Just to try and make you
fucking notice it.

Me. I appreciate it.
I see the sunrise from a photograph,
and I get it.
I look inward at my sunset when I need a laugh.

But as people, the world is as large as the largest moonlit sky.
So why do we fight poet?

There’s enough sky for us all.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.


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