Anti-Matter Jesus by Chad Parenteau and Digitally Unknown by T.J Edson


Anti-Matter Jesus

Anti-Matter Jesus has never
returned to our universe
because he cannot touch
the positive mattered masses
to heal them without causing
explosive catastrophe.

If Anti-Matter Jesus
ever showed up, he’d
have no beard, very
short hair, and a stance
on politics most today
would call centrist.

If Anti-Matter Jesus
came back at the same time
as Positive Matter Jesus,
neocons would gravitate
to Anti-Matter Jesus.

Then, they would
orchestrate an arrest
of Positive Matter Jesus,
followed by an attempt
to cure his socialist ways
by having Anti-Matter Jesus
do a laying of hands.

This pear-to-mushroom
shaped scenario is what
makes Anti-Matter Jesus
wake up in the bright night
of his own universe,
coated in warm sweat.

A prophet is without honor
in his hometown,
or in a universe
of opposing energy.
This suits Antimatter Jesus
right down to the core.


Digitally Untitled by T.J Edson

Digitally Untitled by T.J Edson

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