Mind Changes

the pills I take
To make my hands not shake
To make my mind erase
Each place

Where I’ve stayed too long
Or wrote a song with no rhymes
No reason
To be feeling like this
Slit wrists don’t exist
When you got one life to live
And your mind changes with the seasons

God take all my demons
And change them to angels

I’ve been sound bombed before
My tongues been tied
My times been tabled
Table for four
My mind, Einstein and two
Angry angels

My oh my I feel good this time
My wings are growing back their feathers
Everything smells like incense and wine,
Writing letter after letter

Each line each space
Going to make it mine
Take me to a purified place
With the angel faces
Staring into my eyes.
Saying rest your head child

Rest your head

If you believe your saved
You’ll be ok

Dreams you live
Till your swept away

Until down goes the curtain
And if your lucky
The guillotine

Remain positively charged like an ion
This is living.


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