Remembering 9/11

We Miss You Jimmy

This is for my sister Andrea, and Jimmy may he rest in peace. Love You


This is a tribute to Jimmy Cherry, Who in the years I knew him, had a profound effect on me.  He showed me how to be a good person, a family man, a devoted father, and looking at his pictures that Andrea put up, each photo reminded me of the warmth of the man, that my sister loved and misses so dearly.  Please take a minute and remember anyone who has fallen victim to Cancer. But let me tell you Jimmy was no victim, he beat the shit out of Cancer, but Cancer in the end won.  Not Cancer, Not anything, could take Jimmy’s spirit.  Jimmy had a tattoo on his back, that said “Fear no one but God”. Jimmy was fearless, and the love he had radiated in the faces of all who knew him. He really did brighten up a room.

It has been since 2004, but I still wear my Live Strong bracelet, as a constant reminder of my Sisters husband, my brother in law, a friend, and a really good human being, who taught us that life is short, and that to live every day, and life is too short, to not find true love, or to not be a good person, or to give up.

Jimmy I will not give up, you have reminded me that in those pictures, that Andrea put em, as a reminder, that we don’t remember the last image, but all those images, that make up a life.   Thank You Ann, for reminding us of this kind, gentle, but strong, awesome, straight up real person, that was never a victim..

Regardless of what I am saying, Ann I love you, Jimmy we miss you, and you truly remain in our hearts.


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Jimmy Cherry- Gone but Not ForgottenWe Miss You Jimmy September 11, 2001, our nation suffered as a country, we suffered as people. We watched powerless as the buildings fell, and soon we were at war.

The next year on 9/11, I was in Salem Hospital. Soon I had the strongest manic episode I ever had and walked thirty six miles. I wrote a book about it.

I remember that day in Salem Hospital. Hearing the lists of people being remembered depressed me. I was angry at our president. I was paranoid. I thought something was going to happen again. I spent most of the time that day away from the television in my cage. Outside at Salem Hospital, in the psyche unit, there is a place, a cage like place to smoke cigarettes. While I was smoking, I could hear in the air, the sounds of jet planes. I knew they were fighter jets, surveying the land. It was…

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