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answering machine

HI you have reached oddball magazine, we are not home right now but if you leave a message we’ll get right back to you. have a great day.

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Let’s Get Strong Boston

Alright, give baby a concussion. Give Perkins some bullshit technicals. Time to get tough Boston. No more mister nice guys. Boston has historically been known as a class act team. We have fought through the years, the Lakers, The Pistons, Atlanta, and now Orlando. Orlando? Seriously. Let’s get it straight Boston basketball has the best fans in the world. Let’s get strong Boston. We all need to believe in Boston. Basketball is a war. It’s a beautiful war, but still it’s a war. Boston it’s no longer time for a civil game. We need to play tough, beat the boards, and step up to the challenge.

Every Boston fan, knows that we have to believe in Boston. The Celtics are the best team in basketball. And I don’t care if you disagree with me. Even if we lose every game, Boston is still the best team in basketball. We are a dynasty. Orlando? Come on, they’re a young team, strong, physical, but unexperienced. But they put us in the corner tonight. Beat the body, and took head shots. But it’s time to fight back. Boston, come together as a team, as a nation. Let’s beat the magic out of the magic. We need to guard the threes, and find strength in the garden crowd.

Boston is a brotherhood, KG, the big three, perk and rajon, big baby got elbowed in the head, and still got up. We are on the ropes, Boston. Time to get tough, and show the Magic, who they’re fucking with.

Believe in Boston.

just another jagged thought by jason

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Thinking on the Brink

Here is a rose, my dad said. He said that every tree gets trampled by the wild rose. I guess I understand what that means. In a nut shell, it means follow your dreams.

Makes Sense to me, because writing is my destiny, been writing so long it all comes naturally, and I do it for you but mostly for me. Every word, is an obstacle, every thought an illusion, or an allusion, or a protrusion, or just confusing. But life is so beautiful. Being to write, and having both my mind, and my heart together, is a gift. It’s been so long I could say that without taking a trip. Meaning when I walked 36 miles up on the high way, to get to Brittney, and all that bullshit, that seemed so decieving.

But it is 2010, and Sense is back at again, still wishing to go to the moon, because we could get there soon. Cause it would be so cool, to live on the moon. The coolest thing, I can think of, it is amazing, to think, that someone could live on the moon. It seems so cold and desolate, but I could live with my friends and family, or just me, and it is as dream. So when my dad told me about the wild rose, I realized you can’t stop dreaming. You can never stop dreaming. It’s so beautiful, being able to put these words together. It really is, cause i could never dream this. Also, i talked about science expanding, in my last poem. But while your at home, you gotta be on point. The world can be scary at times. But not for me, I think it is a challenge, that I love to take. In my head, I am already there. There is a comic to prove it.

just another jagged thought by jason.

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A Scientist Speaks About Faith

Science vs. Faith, the age old question. At war with each other. Science helps me to put my words onto the web. Faith helps me write them.

Science explains fire
and faith lights them.

Faith is a the strength you have in your heart. To never stop.
And Science will save your life, with the help of medication

Faith is the strength to take that medication, when the doctor tells you you will be like this your whole life.

And science, explains to me why, my whole life.

But soul and faith, are the words that come from the page. And science is the pen that helps me demonstrate the way.

Faith. A belief that by all means, you will succeed. Science. explains why I fight, or I fly, when someone steps at me. Science is what is dropped when I listen to MC’s, and my soul is science, its no natural to me.

Faith. It is the torch inside. And faith is my heart, my soul and my mind. Science, is the world as I see it. And faith makes my brain and my heart feel it.

And you might think this is a bible lesson, nah man, Sense and Science is the way that I see things. And religion is a whole different pigeon, that flys south, for the winter, and I’m just saying this, because I am a believer

in God and Einstein, Keats, and Schrodinger, Bukowski and Freud. Whitman and Kafka, Steinbeck and Jung, Locke and Sense one. I believe in it all man, science and faith. Cause Science taught me and Faith gave it to me. To write for ever.

One to learn and two to grow on. Three to change the world.

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NOCANDO, and the worst representation of Boston hip-hop fans ever.

Alright, so I went to see MURS on Monday. I met MURS and had a great conversation with him, and frankly don’t remember it. The show started, and I got up to the front of the stage. By the way the show had some real Melvins. I mean, a couple of people were pretty stupid, and bothered me. This guy was grinding a pole while I was trying to hear the music. Now, I’m pretty sure they had no idea who MURS was. And their hip-hop dancing was quite unusual. Also there was this dude, aggressively waving his hands from side to side. And this is funny, cause it seemed instantly when MURS got on stage that the dude waving his hand aggressively, and the two melvins dancing and grinding, gravitated towards me, possibly because I was in a really low mood, and my self-esteem was depleted. But that’s Bipolar for you. Anyway, meanwhile, there are hardcore kids, hardcore for 19 year olds, going crazy for the Pyscho Realm. Now, the Pyscho Realm ripped it, and I ain’t gonna say shit bad about them, because Sickjacka, looked like he could kill someone at any minute. Rob talked to him after the show, and said the dude was cool though. But man, that dude was HARDCORE. Alright, so if we can focus not on the croud, or the way people act at shows, and the difference between a hip hop crowd, and this crowd, I can tell you about NOCANDO.

Alright NOCANDO is sick. First two dudes who played were good, the NOCANDO started up his set. MC Nocando, is a self-proclaimed indie-rap star. Dude looked like he could have skate boarded to this gig. I enjoyed that, dude was rocking chucks, and I noticed that too. So dude rips the stage, and then Psycho Realm gets up there. And then finally MURS. Now, MURS was friggin fantastic. I was just distracted by the uncool crowd.

So the show ends, and MURS announces to the crowd, that he will be at the merch table, so I look for MURS 316, and can’t find it, I decided to pick up NOCANDO. Listening to it right now, and it’s pretty fantastic. Anyway, I’m walking outside, up the stairs of the Middle East, and Nocando sees that I bought his album. I go “yo man, great show” Dude runs outside to these hot English chicks. And is telling me about the CD artwork. He signs it, now we friends on twitter. which is cool.

Alright so you got this far, through this article and I have barely mentioned NOCANDO’s new album Jimmy The Lock. Alright the first song, is great. It has a hardcore beat, And the rhymes are nice. I mean real nice. This rhyme reminded me of myself. “I want to go to heaven just to fuck an angel/ i said that to myself while I was bussing tables, walking around that restaurant drunk and unstable/. That reminded me of what i can do. So the first song is Head Static, and man, it’s good. rhymes are legit kid, the beats are banging. This dude is intelligent. And that’s whats up. Anyway, NOCANDO was a stand up dude, his music is bomb, and used to write poetry like me. So word up, may not be the best review, but check out the CD, you’ll know what I’m talking about, as soon as you listen to it.

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soul release- free prose. (bueno)

Things are looking good, in a world I misunderstood
things can get rough, but in the end it’s BUENO,
awesome on the mind, like a trained rhinoceros
my mind bends like a bullet in the city of Metropolis.
A rhyme, with rhinoceros, things are looking up
need to stand up on the stage and get the front page
or fall like the others who played this game we play.
I want to go to the moon, in this hell we live in
we gotta go soon. Because whats with the stars
we see in the night, a wounded mind can stand up, enlight
I never been the best at anything in my life
but a bastard son, like this one, should learn how to fight
Fight for the science of control that sticks to my soul
See I thought that a manic episode I had once, was from staying up too late, and not eating lunch. But the mania I had, it was something to watch, as I passed out for a minute and woke up in the dark. Thats a manic episode, when things think too fast, see I don’t think fast
I just write fast, I sleep nine hours a day, and I am getting fat, yeah I let the THC take over in my head, but it’s all good man, because I can still
hold my head, up high, and stare at the sky, and wonder those stars, why do they shine? And the sun, I know you’re a star, but why you have to be lighting up ants in my yard? And the ocean is being fucked up, and that shit pisses me off. I mean what is with offshore drilling, and oil spilling and people thinking they can kill a living organism, make the most beautiful thing in our life die. I mean that’s fucked up. Oil spills and toxic air, and people throwing their shit over here or there, or whatever, but man, ruining the ocean will be our undoing forever. It’s such a beautiful and mysterious peace, i bet the cure for cancer is in the reef. I know I am a scientist, just thinking with my mind, about why the fuck we got so far, and why we lost our minds. Not mine, I mean I’ve lost mine, but remember listening to Bad Fish, and smoking up in summertime, cook outs, and garage parties, listening to Sublime, watching the surf go, and wonder when I could ride. Man, I want to surf the waters, cause that shit would be kick ass. I want to skate again,cause I used to be really good at it. I want to rock these streets, till they know my name, senseone, sane and science back in the game.

I want these streets, peeps and people know I got something to say. I know I gotta let them know I’m doing shit my way. Cause my mind is a mountain, and I’m gonna climb it, and when I get up there to the heights of this headache. I am gonna write till I die or until a meteor or an earthquake, And even if some shit like that did exist, I will keep climbing cause intellect gains respect, and my mind, will never stop learning, I gotta keep the fire burning. Gotta go to sleep, but still got shit to prove, maybe sleep will show me something new ,and maybe one day I’ll share it with you.

soul release- free prose

another jagged thought by Jason